3d-Radar wins the 1st price in the prestigious “Norwegian Gazelle award”

Nunatak is proud to announce that our first exit, 3d-Radar AS, now owned by Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc. has won the prestigious Norwegian “Gazelle Award” today.

The Gazelle awards is an annual ranking of high growth Norwegian enterprises arranged by Dagens Næringsliv, the leading Norwegian business daily. A Gazelle must also have produced a positive operational result over the period. To be awarded “Gazelle 2010″, the company’s turnover must have doubled over the preceding four years, with each year showing positive growth. The “Gazelles” make up approximately 2% of all Norwegian companies. 3d-Radar has more than doubled every year since 2006 and turnover has grown 2287.2% in the period 2006-2009. The company was sold in 2007 under a three year earn-out agreement, which has benefited former and new owners of the company.

Chairman of 3d-Radar AS, Haakon Bryhni, partner in Nunatak AS, founded the company together with Egil Eide and board member professor Jens Hjelmstad in 2001, and is now withdrawing from the position as Chairman to assist other Nunatak portfolio companies with similar ambitions.

Egil Eide and Thomas Örnevik receive the Gazelle Award. Photo courtesy of Dagens Næringsliv.

See news article about 3d-Radar as winner of the Gazelle Awards 2010 in the Norwegian business daily (in Norwegian)

See news article about 3d-Radar as Gazelle Award finalist from Sør-Trøndelag (in Norwegian)

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