Nunatak portfolio company 3d-Radar aquired by VMETRO ASA

We are pleased to announce that 3d-Radar AS has joined the company VMETRO ASA, the sale of all shares in 3d-Radar AS represents the first exit from the Nunatak seed capital fund. VMETRO is a world leading manufacturer of high speed data acquisition and embedded computer systems. Through this acquisition, VMETRO is integrating its current advanced technological platform forward, closer to the end customers. VMETRO has identified significant technological and commercial synergies through the acquisition of 3d-Radar. VMETRO’s embedded technology will improve the performance of 3d-Radar’s Ground Penetrating Radar products. It will allow 3d-Radar to expand into new business areas where real-time performance is crucial. VMETRO’s international sales network will contribute to accelerated growth of 3d-Radar’s sales and revenue. VMETRO is a strategic partner that will bring the company forward into new market segments. We are pleased to have reached agreement with VMETRO and feel that this will be beneficial for our clients, partners and staff. The 3d-Radar company will continue to operate from our headquarters in Trondheim, Norway and will through VMETRO’s international sales and marketing organization expand our business to new market segments and geographical areas. We look forward to offering our radar products and customer support to new markets and to continue developing innovative radar sensors and systems. For information on VMETRO ASA please visit Curtiss Wright Controls, Inc.

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