Media Network Services (QoS.VC)

Media Network Services operate the QoS.VC cloud service for global video conferencing connectivity. Provided as a global cloud service, QoS.VC makes it easy and affordable for any video conferencing user to call over Internet with a more predictable quality. QoS.VC works with standards-based video conferencing endpoints, clients and virtual meeting rooms from top vendors such as Acano, Cisco, LifeSize, Pexip and Polycom. You can upgrade the video experience with QoS.VC without upgrading your existing infrastructure, equipment and Internet access. QoS.VC nodes are deployed across the world with high capacity dedicated network between them and with QoS.VC optimized local and regional Internet. QoS.VC routing algorithms ensure that any video call to/from your location is routed as efficiently as possible, keeping latency low and minimizing packet loss.

Media Network Services also provide applications on top of the QoS.VC additional services like REC.VC and IVR.VC. Provided as a global cloud service, REC.VC makes it easy and affordable for any video conferencing user to record and share video meetings and video calls. REC.VC is deployed across the world to ensure close proximity to users’ locations, rapid playback/download, and regional storage. It is provided as a QoS.VC cloud service to ensure the best possible recording quality regardless of user location, and uses dedicated data centers with 24/7 monitoring for high availability and security. REC.VC nodes for on-premise recording and storage are also available upon request.

Provided as a global cloud service, IVR.VC can scale to meet your regional or global demand for a video IVR for your customers or users.

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