TransPacket FUSION networks

TransPacket provides FPGA IP FOR TIMING CRITICAL APPLICATIONS. TransPacket Fusion offers FPGA IP to implement deterministic Ethernet with transport properties earlier only achievable through OTN/ SDH circuit technology. In addition it offers the capacity utilization only available in packet networks and thus enables cost savings and increased flexibility. TransPacket now offers this technology as FPGA IP to system vendors. We provide 10G and 100G Sub Systems and software solutions with NETCONF/YANG.

TransPacket also provides a COMPLETE RANGE OF EQUIPMENT FOR ETHERNET, CWDM AND DWDM NETWORKS. We offer solutions for upgrade from single wavelength (colorless) to multiple wavelengths using CWDM or DWDM. Our DWDM solutions span all channels of the C-band. With our modular and scalable DWDM MUX solution, the TransPacket D1, you can start off with 8 channels and expand with 8 at a time. For CWDM we offer a range of different options covering the whole CWDM-band with up to 16 channels. We also offer an extensive range of SFP/SFP+ and other transceivers for Ethernet, Fiber Channel and SDH/SONET. Our devices are carrier grade and we may offer up to three year guarantee. For point-to-point solutions with too few fibres available, our CWDM access solutions provide simple upgrades for adding more subscribers. Our smart WDM-solutions include custom designed equipment that is easy to install and maintain.

TransPacket represents Xtera, who is a major provider of repeatered and unrepeatered (up to 500km) submarine and terrestrial transmission systems. The Xtera optical transport platform is ideal for building ultra-high capacity backhaul networks.

TransPacket represents also ECI Telecom who provides a wide range of network infrastructure solutions to help you take advantage of new revenue opportunities, while minimizing opex and capex. The solutions include a suite of SDN applications.


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