Ivar Søvold, Partner and CEO
Ivar Søvold, born 1962, holds a MSc degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH). He has more than 20 years of top management experience within IT/Internet/Telecom from small and medium sized companies including Numerica Taskon, Mogul Technology and Telenor Consult, as well as a large number of start-ups. His experience covers corporate management, strategy development, business planning & development, market analysis, sales and sales management, financing, project management and M&A. Søvold was co-founder of Nunatak in 2001.
Haakon Bryhni, Partner
Haakon Bryhni, born 1968, holds a PhD in high speed communication and multiprocessor server systems from the University of Oslo and a MSc from Norwegian Institute of Technology. His professional experience includes research in packet radio protocols at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, and high speed internet protocols at Apple Research Labs. Bryhni was co-founder of Advanced Communication Technology in 1998 where he was a pioneer in mobile Internet technology. This company was sold to Birdstep Technology ASA in 2000 and Bryhni served as CTO until 2006. Bryhni co-founded Nunatak in 2001 and commenced full time engagement from 2006. In addition, Bryhni is assistant professor at the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics. Bryhni received the Telenor research award in 2005.
Tore Engebretsen, Partner
Tore Engebretsen, born 1951, is educated at the University of Oslo, where he received a Cand. Real. degree in theoretical astrophysics in 1978. He held the position as CEO in the Norwegian listed company VMETRO from 1986 until 2003, and was prior to this employed with Norsk Data. Engebretsen became a partner in Nunatak in 2006. He is chairman of the Norwegian listed company Nordic Semiconductor in addition to holding several chairman positions in the Nunatak portfolio. Engebretsen was awarded Chairman of the Year in Norway in 2005 and has a long track record of assisting technology startups as investor and board member.
Thor André Talhaug, Partner
Thor André Talhaug, born 1966, is educated from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) as Master of Economics and Business Administration (1990), State Authorised Public Accountant (1994) and Authorised Financial Analyst (1995). He was employed with Deloitte & Touche from 1990-1994. From 1994-2004 Talhaug worked at Enskilda Securites’ Oslo office where he was a Director/Partner in the Corporate Finance department with specific focus on the telecom and technology sectors. His experience covers most transaction types from private and public placements of primary and secondary shares to IPO’s, mergers and acquisitions. Talhaug became partner in Nunatak in 2007.