How we work

We take on an approach of active involvement in the different stages of a start-up company’s life cycle:

1. Start-up

  • Identification
  • Analysis. Is the technology viable? Is there a payable market for the products? Will the entrepreneur succeed?
  • Negotiation
  • Formation

2. Active Business Creation & Development

  • Management support
  • Best practice
  • Business planning
  • Sales management
  • Participation in sales processes
  • Contract negotiation
  • Technology assessment
  • Organisational development
  • Board

3. Financing

  • Initial financing by founders and by Nunatak
  • Public startup capital (Startup grants, IFU/OFU contracts, Norwegian Research Council projects, European 6th Framework Program, etc)
  • Seeding rounds with Nunatak as lead investor or underwriter
  • VC rounds

4. Evaluation

5. Exit