Media Network Services offers a new low-cost subscription service for increased availability and quality of video communication over the Internet. Media Network Services has developed a technology platform for redirection of video conference sessions to its dedicated, video network to avoid interruptions and ensure reliable high quality for video conferencing, telepresence, and high definition video.
Squarehead Technology offers unique products and solutions for focused sound capture for Industrial, Surveilance and Security applications. Squarehead Technology provides advanced microphone array systems for audio capture and acoustical zoom. A microphone array combines a large number of individual microphones to create a highly directional audio output.
Elliptic Laboratories offers solutions for use of computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices without touching. Based on a unique ultrasound positioning technology, the user can choose functionality, browse or perform other operations without touching or holding a hardware control unit.
TransPacket provides Hybrid Network elements for transparent communication in Metro, Mobile Backhaul and Datacenter networks. With TransPacket, operators, ISPs and enterprises can leverage virtual wavelengths to build and maintain cost effective networks.


3d-Radar, now owned by Curtiss Wright, offers a proprietary ground penetrating radar solution aimed for the road maintenance, waste detection and explosive detection markets.
Faster Imaging provides access to high-performance maps and content in location based services using its advanced hosted web service platform. The technology enables incomparable compression rates and real time zooming, panning, and object query performance on mobile devices with limited processing and storage capabilities.
Redimi, now owned by Sysco, offers services to secure cost efficient availability of business critical networks and applications. The services enable organizations to optimize, secure and proactively manage critical enterprise systems.
ObexCode offers advanced web services for mobile backup, restore and synchronization. ObexCode also provides the Timespotting.net web service for sports. The services are available for virtually all mobile phones and aimed at mobile operators, service providers and independent software vendors.